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What is Faith-Promise Giving?

Faith-promise giving is where we each look to the Lord "in faith" asking how much He would have each of use give for global and local missions. We then, by faith, promise to give as God directs and provides.

What is the biblical basis for Faith-Promise Giving?

2 Corinthians, chapter 8 and 9 form the general basis for Faith-promise Giving. Chapter 8, verse 3 mentions two different types of giving; 1. giving "as they were able" and 2. giving "beyond their ability." Giving "as they were able" relates especially tithes and offerings, or known sources of income. "Beyond their power" giving relates to Faith-Promise giving in that we're looking beyond our "known sources of income" and looking to the Lord for His special enabling to give.

Is Faith-Promise givng a pledge?

No. Typically pledges are "horizontal commitments" made solely to institutions like churches, charities, or other non-profits. Those institutions will typically send out reminders and "check-up" on your. A Faith-Promise is a "vertical commitment" solely between you and God. The church will not be sending you a "bill" or come "knocking on your door" to as you about your amount.

What is the benefit of Faith-Promise Giving?

Not only does Faith-Promise giving allow us to be a channel for God's blessing in a way that will cause our faith to grow, but it also serves as somewhat of a forecasting "tool" so that global and local missions can plan their ministries based on income expectations.

How should a Faith-Promise commitment be made?

After prayerful consideration, commitment cards will be turned in to the local church with the amount that you believe God will enable you to give during the next year. We will collect the cards during the next month of September and you can give as God provides during the next year.

Does Faith-Promise giving replace tithes & offerings?

No. Faith-Promise giving is strictly for global and local missions outside of our local church and is in addition to tithes and offerings. Tithes and offerings are used to fund the direct ministry within our local church. In both cases, giving follows the spirit of 2 Corinthians 9:7, "not reluctantly or in response to pressure, but cheerfully."

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