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Personal Care Items

  • Bar soap (packaged and/or in a container),

  • Adhesive bandages (Colorful ones can help a child be more willing to wear a bandage. Do not include liquid antibiotic ointment)

  • Reusable plastic containers: cup, water bottle, plate, bowl, blunt-edged utensils (Consider filling an empty container with non-liquid items such as hair bows, bracelets, sunglasses, or washcloths to maximize the space.)

  • Comb

  • Hairbrush

  • Washcloth

  • Toothbrush

  • Blanket

  • Non-liquid lip balm

  • Flashlight (solar-powered or hand-crank; if battery-operated, be sure to include extra batteries of the type needed)

  • Compact mirror

  • Nail clipper and file

  • Stick deodorant

  • Compact Mirror

  • Washable/reusable cloth menstrual pads (specifically for girls).

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